A little about me

Hi! My names are Soviet Union, Three hens, Billi …You will rarely hear people calling me Soven Trehan, the name I was christened by. My specialties are being the “English Dictionary”, the person who solves other peoples fights (Aka the do-gooder) and obviously the thing that is most natural for me: Being me!

I admire my friends for being there for me always, worship the teen serial Remix (meant for teens and a craze everywhere), love the internet and obviously thank whoever who is up there for an Enemy! (The name of that person will not be revealed)

The reason for being thankful for it is because-“Friends can make you successful but enemies can make you very successful”.

Till then, Sayonara!
George Bush was once a cheerleader!

Dating back to the 1600's thermometers were filled with brandy instead of mercury