I am cruel
I am unkind
I am… what’s happening to me
My demeanor is disturbing, I am changing
I try to fight with those
who dwell
In my mind
They fight with my conscience
With the spare bit of humanity that is
Left inside me
And reduce it to nothingness
Do I have to be like this?
Do I want to be like this?
In moments of sanity I am able to say ‘no’
But then, they are back
Telling me ‘yes’
What I’m doing is right
It was meant to be
And then, when
I sit back and think,
I realize:
My mind is a habitat
For them
I will have to plot against them
I will have to….

What can I do
To little figments
Of my imagination
On whom I blame all my
Oh, here they are again
I guess, its time
For another little chat.

(3 October, 2004)

George Bush was once a cheerleader!

Dating back to the 1600's thermometers were filled with brandy instead of mercury