When they need me
I am always there
For them
But what happens when I need them
They laugh in crowded rooms over huge Colas
Calling themselves friends, shaming the very word
What right do they have
to befriend me
And then, in turn, stab me in the back
Just like in soap operas
Do they think I don’t know what they are
Saying about me, their words purely sweet
Turn into hard knives raking the floor
When they think I’m not
Looking, their eyes taunt me,
their very being is filled with malice
Their voices become sepulchral
And I know its time
As I write these words
They will come and bitch about someone
To me, they will turn to me when no one
Is there for them. And I ………
What shall I do?
I will be like Chinese crystal
But when they least expect it
I will stab them in the back
I will become a Backstabber
I will play their game
And, finally, it is I who will

Tumne Mujhko Dard Diya
Tumko Kaisai Dawa Milegi

(5 September, 2004)

George Bush was once a cheerleader!

Dating back to the 1600's thermometers were filled with brandy instead of mercury