Pink Stinks!

When I was about 5 or 6, girls my age were crazy for the colour Pink. I ask you, what is so good about that colour that everyone adores it? I personally find it disgusting! I bet whoever is reading this that is if that person is a girl will certainly disagree, and also go as far as to brand me “ABNORMAL”. Puhlease! Everyone is different.

To prove this fact (that I HATE the colour) narration of an incident is listed below -:
I formed a club called “Pink Stinks”. When my parents were informed they were half disgusted (Hate, they informed me was too strong a word and should NOT be in a five year old’s vocabulary) and half delighted, according to them, no five year old knew the word Stink. They told me I could do whatever I want but I should NOT influence other people’s mind and force them to change their decision. Freedom of speech, I reminded them. I could say whatever I wanted. My parents, highly amused, left me alone to do my work, glancing at me and hooting all the while.

The only member I got for my club was Rhea, a highly good friend of mine who nearly worshipped the ground i walked on. My other friends were disgusted with me (they felt that I should concentrate on matters that were more pressing but I always dismissed them with a what the hell? Attitude) and temporarily passed a motion not to talk to me as I was a little crazy and needed some relaxation before I felt fine again( I must say, at this point of time, I agree with them).

In an attempt to convince Rhea, I could be heard telling her “Once, long before our one God, there used to be colour Gods. Purple God, Orange God, yellow God and etc. The most powerful God was the parrot green God (Incidentally, my favorite colour) who ruled over all the colour Gods and was the most important one in all. With the green God there was peace and love everywhere and fights were unheard of. But the Pink God did not like this at all…he planned to throw parrot green God off the throne. He somehow managed to convince Baby pink God and brilliant pink God to help him in his scheme. He planned to shame the God to such an extent that he has no choice but to resign from his post and hand it over to the Gods whom he trusted the Most, which were Baby pink God and brilliant pink God. Pink god was no slacker.

But, what that devious God dint know was that the parrot green god was smarter than him. Parrot green god had a nagging doubt in his mind that the pink god was trying to overtake him and had therefore told the Gods whom he trusted the most to keep an eye on him. So, however smart pink god might think he is Parrot green God was ten times smarter.
The result was that pink god ended in jail and peace reigned in the kingdom thereafter”

Rhea was quite impressed and immediately swore by the title “Pink Stinks”. Do you?

George Bush was once a cheerleader!

Dating back to the 1600's thermometers were filled with brandy instead of mercury